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My name is Dustin. I'm 23 years young, and I work at an emergency animal hospital as a certified veterinary technician, or CVT for short. I own a Siberian Husky, Daisy, and a Sphynx, Olive; they are my life. I am a huge theatre dork and Lady Gaga is my queen. I do not like long walks on the beach, and world peace will never be attained. In my free time, I enjoy spending as much time with my love and friends as possible, and seeing as many theatre productions as I can fathom. I am a boyfriend, son, brother, and grandchild, but most importantly, I am a human being.

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all boobs are good boobs

all stomachs are good stomachs

all thighs are good thighs 

all bodies are good bodies

yes yours, too, and don’t you forget it

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"I don’t chase people anymore. I learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter."
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